Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Famous Movies Character that are Real

Here`s 5 famous movie characters that are real
You might watch one of theses movie. These 5 movies hit box office several time ago. The stories were taken from real life story, this is the detail
movie 5 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Kim Peek and Rain Man scene
5. Movie: Rain man
Movie Character: Raymond Babbitt Played by Dustin Hoffman
Real character: Kim Peek
Kim Peek is a real person who inspired Barry Morrow, Rain main screenwriter, to write a story about his life and put it into Hollywood screen. Although Kim suffered mental abilities, he have a good memory. He could keep 98% memory of what he had read, heard, and watched plus his memory also preserve 9,000 book he had read

movie 4 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Hanna Schmitz & Kate Winslet
4. Movie: The reader
Movie Character: Ilse Koch played by Kate Winslet
Real Character: Hanna Schmitz
Hanna Schmitz was a supervisor of Buchenwald concentration camp in 1937. She was known for her brutality and cruelty. Same as the movie, Schmitz live was ended in suicide after she was sentenced to life in a prison to death because of her criminal act at the concentration camp

movie 3 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Mehran Nasseri and Tom Hanks
3. Movie: The Terminal
Movie character: Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks
Directed: Steven Spielberg
Real character: Mehran Nasseri
The terminal is a movie that was inspired by story of Mehran Nasseri,Iran refugee, who was stuck in terminal one of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport for almost 18 1986, He was planning to stay in UK but finally returned to France after all his papers lost. Nasseri claimed that he had a parent in British but he could not approve it. His long stranded live was over in 2006 when he was hospitalized because his illegal home in the airport was demolished. It is so ugly to be unwanted person in all country

movie 2 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Joaquin Murrieta & the Zorro
2. Movie: Zorro/The mask of Zorro
Movie character: Don Diego de la Vega played by Antonio Banderas
Real character: Joaquin Murrieta
The live of Joaquin Murrieta or Robin Hood of El Dorado in 1850s inspired the story of Zorro, Written by Johnston McCulley. Joaquin Murrieta was known as as Mexican patriot and bandit in California. Spanish colonial tried to kill him many time and Joaquin never gave up his spirit of resistance till the end of his live.

Movie 1 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Michelle Philpots & 50 First Dates
1. Movie: 50 First Dates
Movie character: Lucy played by Drew Barrymore
Real Character: Michelle Philpots
Michelle Philpots, 47-year-old, got 2 severe accident in her live and she could not remember anything after 1994. Every day, Ian, her husband, should convinced her that she already married with him since 13 years ago. The rest story is same as the movie, Ian used his wedding photos and many pictures to convince her that she is already mother and wife this moment.
There are many famous movie character actually. I only compile 5 movies that I believed the best.

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