Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 Activities Prohibited After You Eat

Here’s some activities prohibited to be done after You eat. Some of these activities are usually done by us. So Maybe better not to do that again after You read this post icon smile 8 Activities Prohibited After You Eat

1. Do not smoke

Do not smoke after eat things prohibited after eat 8 Activities 
Prohibited After You Eat

Experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after a meal comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (the possibility of cancer is higher).

2. Do not Eat Fruits directly
do not eat fruit directly things prhibited after eat 8 Activities 
Prohibited After You Eat
Do not eat the fruit directly- Eat fruits directly after meals will cause stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore Eat fruit 1-2 hours after eating or 1 hour before.

3. Do Not drink Tea
do not drink tea things prohibited after eat 8 Activities 
Prohibited After You Eat
Do not drink tea – Because tea leaves contain a high acid content. This substance will cause the protein content in the foods we eat will be hardened thus difficult to digest.

4. Do Not Loosen Your Belt
do not loosen your belt things prohibited after eat 8 Activities 
Prohibited After You Eat
Do not loosen your belt – Loosen the belt can cause the intestine twisted and blocked.

5.  Do Not Take a Bath
do not take a bath things prohibited after eat 8 Activities 
Prohibited After You Eat
Bathing that done after a meal will increase blood flow to the hands, feet and body that causes the amount of blood around the stomach will continue to decrease. This will weaken the digestive system in the stomach.

6. Do Not Take  a Walk
do not take a walk after eat things prohibited after eat 8 
Activities Prohibited After You Eat
Walking will cause the digestive system can not absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

7. Do Not Sleep  directly
do not sleep directly after eat things prohibited after eat 8 
Activities Prohibited After You Eat
Do not follow your sleepiness after eat. Sleeping after eating a meal resulted that the food can not be digested well. As a result, the intestine can be bloating and bowel inflammation occurs.

8. Do Not Drinking Water Ice
do not drink ice after eat things prohibited after eat 8 
Activities Prohibited After You Eat
Do Not Drink Cold Water Ice – Cold water will freeze greasy foods, especially fatty foods you eat. Fat that is formed in the intestines and will result in narrowing intestinal tract, leading to obesity. Switch to drink warm water.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Steve Jobs Still Makes A $1 Salary

Steve Jobs Still Makes A $1 Salary
Steve Jobs is known to try and be involved with Mac users. While he might not be writing personal, handwritten notes to thank you for buying an Apple computer anymore, he does still try and answer emails from customers sent to his personal account. Now, we're finding out that Jobs still takes $1 in salary. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that Jobs only receives $1 per year. It may be hard to believe that Jobs only makes a three figure salary - in pennies - but don't worry he's more than adequately compensated in shares and reimbursements. Though he still does not receive equity, he received $248,000 this past year for the use of his private plane for business purposes and owns 5.5 million of the company's common stock (and is the company's largest shareholder). which isn't doing so shabby since the releases of the of the iPod, the iPhone and iPad. Last Thursday, Apple stocks closed at $333.73, bringing the value of Jobs' personal holdings to $1.84 billion.
Just because you work for Apple though doesn't mean you get a measly salary. Apple's chief operating officer and Jobs' second in command, Tim Cook, however, received a special $5 million bonus and restricted stock award in 2010 for his "outstanding performance" during Jobs' medical leave in the first half of 2009 when he took over, Apple said. His "bonus" is said to be worth $59 million, according to the Economic Times.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

18 Weirdest Shoes in the world

Mostly, we pick, we buy and wear shoe because of the functionality. It protects our feet and improve our looking. For some shoe designer, that basic functionality is not enough. Here`s what they do. This is 18 weirdest shoes in the world

1. Shoe of Spider House

shoes01 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
From the picture, you know what you can do with the shoe. For a woman who have arachnophobia it is perfect shoe for her.

2. Lego Shoe

shoes02 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
It is too big to wear.No girl will wear the shoe to office

3. Stereo snickers

shoes03 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
The shore can play music but I suggest not to wear it on wet area or under heavy rain.

4. Foldable shoe

shoe 4 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
It is light, foldable and easy to use. If you want to have cheap and simple to carry shoe, This is for you.

5. Sticky gum shoe

shoe 5 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Wearing this shoe, will make you like wearing a shoe with sticky gum on the sole. It is basically high heel. It is not for man.

6. Sci-Fi shoe

shoes06 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
This shoe is not meant to be worn. It is simply a huge sofa with a futuristic shoe design.

7. Giraffe shaped shoes

shoes07 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
It is made for giraffe lover. The material is not made of genuine Giraffe leather.

8. Boat Shoe

shoes08 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Although, the design is look like a small boat, you won`t float on water once you wear it.

9. Banana Shoe

shoes09 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
I don’t know how to wear the shore. But from the image, I think this shoe is another unconventional high heel shoe.

10. Game Boy Shoe

shoes10 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Although High heel shoe and game boy is not a perfect match, I think it is never wrong to buy one of the shoe as a Christmas gift for your daughter.

11. Grass Sandals

shoes11 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
The green grass is made of rubber and I am sure it will be convenient to wear it on sunny day. I think the sandals will be matching pair for a Jack O Lantern Halloween costume.

12. Extreme High heels

shoes12 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
I don’t know how to wear the shoe without ending in a hospital.

13. Jeans Snickers
shoes13 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
It is perfect shoe for winter. The only question is how fast I could tie it and how long I could lose from it. 

14. Hoof shoe

shoes14 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Shoe with weird combination of horse`s toe and classic pistol`s heels.

15. Flipper Shoe

shoes15 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Is there any girl want to wear it without wearing a swim suit? I think the high heel shoe is bad for underwater and non- underwater.

16. Cave-man shoes

shoes16 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
For a man who does not consider this shoe hideous, I suggest you to buy it.

17. Bottle Opener shoe
shoes17 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
Shoe with combination of High heel and a bottle opener will be suitable for any bartender girl.

18. Chocolate slippers

shoes18 18 Weirdest Shoes in the world
The Chocolate slipper is edible but it is guaranteed won`t be long wearing.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Famous Movies Character that are Real

Here`s 5 famous movie characters that are real
You might watch one of theses movie. These 5 movies hit box office several time ago. The stories were taken from real life story, this is the detail
movie 5 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Kim Peek and Rain Man scene
5. Movie: Rain man
Movie Character: Raymond Babbitt Played by Dustin Hoffman
Real character: Kim Peek
Kim Peek is a real person who inspired Barry Morrow, Rain main screenwriter, to write a story about his life and put it into Hollywood screen. Although Kim suffered mental abilities, he have a good memory. He could keep 98% memory of what he had read, heard, and watched plus his memory also preserve 9,000 book he had read

movie 4 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Hanna Schmitz & Kate Winslet
4. Movie: The reader
Movie Character: Ilse Koch played by Kate Winslet
Real Character: Hanna Schmitz
Hanna Schmitz was a supervisor of Buchenwald concentration camp in 1937. She was known for her brutality and cruelty. Same as the movie, Schmitz live was ended in suicide after she was sentenced to life in a prison to death because of her criminal act at the concentration camp

movie 3 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Mehran Nasseri and Tom Hanks
3. Movie: The Terminal
Movie character: Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks
Directed: Steven Spielberg
Real character: Mehran Nasseri
The terminal is a movie that was inspired by story of Mehran Nasseri,Iran refugee, who was stuck in terminal one of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport for almost 18 years.in 1986, He was planning to stay in UK but finally returned to France after all his papers lost. Nasseri claimed that he had a parent in British but he could not approve it. His long stranded live was over in 2006 when he was hospitalized because his illegal home in the airport was demolished. It is so ugly to be unwanted person in all country

movie 2 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Joaquin Murrieta & the Zorro
2. Movie: Zorro/The mask of Zorro
Movie character: Don Diego de la Vega played by Antonio Banderas
Real character: Joaquin Murrieta
The live of Joaquin Murrieta or Robin Hood of El Dorado in 1850s inspired the story of Zorro, Written by Johnston McCulley. Joaquin Murrieta was known as as Mexican patriot and bandit in California. Spanish colonial tried to kill him many time and Joaquin never gave up his spirit of resistance till the end of his live.

Movie 1 5 Famous Movies Character that are Real
Michelle Philpots & 50 First Dates
1. Movie: 50 First Dates
Movie character: Lucy played by Drew Barrymore
Real Character: Michelle Philpots
Michelle Philpots, 47-year-old, got 2 severe accident in her live and she could not remember anything after 1994. Every day, Ian, her husband, should convinced her that she already married with him since 13 years ago. The rest story is same as the movie, Ian used his wedding photos and many pictures to convince her that she is already mother and wife this moment.
There are many famous movie character actually. I only compile 5 movies that I believed the best.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth

One of the best place to get a skill of professional diver is visiting this place. I introduce you the deepest swimming pool on Earth, Nemo 33
This swimming pool is located at Brussels, Belgium, and it is recorded as the deepest a man made  swimming pool in our planet. It  is completed with everything to make you a new skillful diver in the world. it is  105 feet or 33 meters deep and it is filled with 2.500.000 liters of chlorine-free warm water. It is healthy and attractive.
deepest pool Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
Nemo 33
deep pool Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
The designer, a Belgian civil engineer, John Beernaerts, designed this swimming pool around 13 years ago and it is designed unlike any monotonous swimming pools in the world. The concept is an underwater building complex that is completed  with tunnels, chambers and loads of rooms.New diver can get lost here if they are diving alone or without any diving guide. The environment mimics Caribbean oceans  and The water is only 33 degrees Celsius /91 degrees Fahrenheit.
inside deep pool Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
Inside area
nemo33 2 Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
What make the swimming pool different than a Caribbean sea, the deepest  swimming pool is not featured with any jellyfish, stingray or shark. The swimming pool is 100% from and for people only. It attracts 100 thousands visitor since it was launched in 2004 and if you visit Brussels, you should not miss this place.
Nemo33 0171 Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
nemo 33 Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
pool caffe Deepest Swimming Pool on Earth
Nemo 33 -Cafe


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frenchman, Alain Robert, Climbs The World's Tallest Tower

Alain Robert Climb

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A tiny speck more than half a mile (800 meters) in the air, a French skyscraper climber successfully scaled the world's tallest building Monday, even navigating the tapered spire that extends beyond the top floors of the Dubai structure.
Alain Robert's climb up the 2,717 foot-tall (828 meter) Burj Khalifa, took just over six hours. As night fell, a row of powerful spotlights shone on the side of the tower as Robert climbed.
Unlike on many previous climbs, the 48-year-old daredevil used a rope and harness to comply with organizers' requirements in the Gulf sheikdom that opened the tapering metal and glass tower in January last year. An ambulance, with a stretcher at the ready, was parked alongside other emergency vehicles at the Burj's base.
Robert has climbed more than 70 skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, Chicago's Willis Tower and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, according to his website. He conquered Taiwan's Taipei 101, which before the Burj was the world's tallest building, in 2004.
The tower's owner, Emaar Properties, said the half-mile-high Burj Khalifa has 160 habitable stories. An observation deck is located on the 124th floor.
Viewed from the ground, he appeared as a tiny dot difficult to follow in the darkness.
Emaar called Robert's climb a "momentous" event and said in a statement the climber "scaled the exterior of the tower in a record-clinching feat."
Hours before the climb, Robert told The Associated Press he hoped to go all the way to the top, but acknowledged it would be difficult to go past about 700 meters freehand without the aid of additional equipment, because of the spire's tapered design.
In the end, he scrambled up the spire quickly and hung triumphantly from the top.