Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona, World’s Highest Glass Floor Above Ground

Glass floor is transparent section of a floor used for observation decks in order to facilitate viewing directly beneath where one is standing. Usually glass floor made of a reinforced glass, the most common use is as a tourist attraction. Glass-bottom boats are popular for allowing a better view into the water. Glass as a flooring material is used in both residential and commercial structures. Special hollow glass blocks known as glass pavers are often used in combination with a metal frame.
The highest glass floor above ground is the novel outdoor application of the Grand Canyon Skywalk at 4000 feet (1219 m), operated by the Hualapai Indian tribe. Some people have made a mistake about the highest glass floor with the building in Chicago. You can see the comparison of the height here:

the highest glass floor above ground grand canyon skywalk 
comparison Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona, Worlds Highest Glass Floor 
Above Ground
Grand Canyon Skywalk comparison

And here’s the pictures of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, See how incredible this structure is:
the highest glass floor above ground grand canyon skywalk from 
beside Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona, Worlds Highest Glass Floor Above 
Grand canyon skywalk from beside

the highest glass floor above ground grand canyon skywalk from 
above Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona, Worlds Highest Glass Floor Above 
Grand canyon skywalk from above

the highest glass floor above ground grand canyon skywalk look 
bottom Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona, Worlds Highest Glass Floor Above 
Grand Canyon Skywalk look bottom

Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 8 Most Unique Islands in The World

Here’s the list of most unique islands in the world from various categories. These unique island become “unique” because they have some different feature than other islands in the world. Note that some of  island is not an island in the ocean, but can be island in the lake or even island in the river. Here’s the list of most unique islands in the world

8. Ometepe: World’s Oldest island formed from the Volcano
Ometepe is one of the oldest island in the world. Formed from two volcanoes sticking out of the lake of Nicaragua in the Republic of Nicaragua. Its name comes from the Nahuatl word ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), meaning two mountains. Two volcanoes are Concepción and Maderas. Although this is a dangerous volcanic island, but there are residents living there, about 35,000 people. The majority of the population are doing agricultural and breeding. This area is one of the tourist destinations place as well in Nicaragua.
most unique island in the world Ometepe Top 8 Most Unique Islands 
in The World

7. Ellesmere: Inhabited Frozen Island
Ellesmere is one of the Island in the world that reaching freezing temperature. The island that located in Canadian territory, exactly in the west Greenland, has a barren and mountainous nature and become a ‘laboratory’ of the geologists and biologists that are studying the changes of nature. It’s reported that this island is inhabited by 146 people nowadays.
most unique island in the world Ellesmere Island Top 8 Most Unique
 Islands in The World
Ellesmere Island

6. Azores: Remote volcanic Island with Various Seasons in a Day
The island that located in the Atlantic ocean is really unique. When you come here and want to cook, no need to think about making a stove, just dig the soil and enter the pot then your food would be cooked. Azores is a volcanic archipelago located off the coast of Portugal.
Another uniqueness is that the weather in the island that can change quickly. The normal temperature in the winter is about 13 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius when summer. But here the weather can change quickly. Temperature can drop and rise so quick. No wonder people say, in this island you can witness various seasons in one day. Bizarre, Isn’t it?
most unique island in the world Azores Top 8 Most Unique Islands 
in The World

5. Java: Island of People
Java is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. Total population reached 125 million people. Java is part of Indonesia, and also the island where Indonesian usually live. On the island there are two mega-city that is Jakarta and Surabaya. On the other hand, the island of Java have spectacular scenery. The island is vulnerable from volcano eruption and also earthquake as It’s in the range of active volcanoes and in the range of earth fracture as well. Java is also the location of Borobudur as one of the seven wonder of the world.
most unique island in the world Borobudur in Java Island Top 8 
Most Unique Islands in The World
Borobudur in Java Island

4. Peacock, Holy Island in Middle of the River
Peacock Island is a tiny island that called the holy island because of the Umananda sacred temple complex that located there. This tiny island is in the middle of a Brahmaputra river in Assam Province, India. Umananda Temple was built in 1594 by the King of Ahom Assam.
Among the temples in Assam, this temple, that dedicated for the worship for Lord Shiva, is one of the temple with the most visitors. To reach the temple, people must cross the river by boat from Kachari ghat. There is ferry service available from 7am in the morning until 5 pm in the evening.
most unique island in the world Peacock Island Top 8 Most Unique 
Islands in The World
Peacock Island

3. Spratly Islands: World’s Most Disputed Islands
Spratly Islands is a group of 650 coral islands located in the South China Sea, between the Philippines and Vietnam. The Spratlys, as they are called, are part of the three islands in the South China Sea, consists of more than 30,000 islands and coral reefs, Because of that It complicates the geography, government and economy in the Southeast Asian region. It’s unclear what the potential of this island, but it’s heard that preliminary survey has been conducted and the results is these islands contain many indicated oil and gas.
The uniqueness of this island is that 45 islands are occupied by a small number of military forces from various countries: China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines,  and Brunei. Made it the most disputed islands in the world.
most unique island in the world Spratly Island Top 8 Most Unique 
Islands in The World
Spratly Islands

2. Samosir: Largest Island Within Island
Samosir Island is located in the middle of Lake Toba, a large lake in the big island of Sumatra, part of Indonesia. The island covers a large number of surface area on the lake. This island also have a unique culture and scenery that makes this island so unique. There are also two small lakes on the island itself. Samosir Island is believed to be the largest island within an island. The extent of 630 km square, only slightly smaller than the original area of Singapore that is 714 km square.
Samosir Island was created around 30,000 years ago during a massive volcanic eruption. Toba lake itself was created 75,000 years ago also caused by volcanic eruptions. In addition to Samosir Island, volcanic eruptions also cause the appearance of the peninsula on mainland Sumatra island that today become a small town Prapat.
most unique island in the world Samosir Island in Toba Lake Top 8 
Most Unique Islands in The World
Samosir Island in Toba Lake

1. Gunkanjima: Ghost Town in the Middle of the Sea
In the early 1900s, Gunkanjima is a prosperous island for its coal. Mitsubishi Corporation, which manages the coal mining here, really makes Gunkanjima become the rich city and densely populated, although the vast of the island is less than 1 km square.
To accommodate the miners, ten apartment complex built there. A tall labyrinth connected with the terrace, corridors and stairs. There are schools, restaurants, and gaming houses, all surrounded by a protective wall. The island is known as “Nashi Midori Shima,” the island without a green color. In the Year 50′s the population reached 6000 people, this is the most densely populated islands in the world at that time.
But the coal mines that continuously dredged up to the seabed in the long time is exhausted and the island was closed. The island that did not have any green plants die over time. Fifty years later, the island is like a ghost island with crumbling apartments. Year 1974-2009, the island is sealed off from visitors. But recently emerged new regulations, this unique island opened to tourists. The island is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
most unique island in the world Gunkanjima Top 8 Most Unique 
Islands in The World

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour

Hour - Chile
Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. Only a year later and Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries/territories participating. Global landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum, all stood in darkness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour.

In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries/territories officially switched off to pledge their support for the planet, making Earth Hour 2009 the world’s largest global climate change initiative.

On Saturday 27 March, Earth Hour 2010 became the biggest Earth Hour ever. A record 128 countries and territories joined the global display of climate action. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Asia Pacific to Europe and Africa to the Americas switched off. People across the world from all walks of life turned off their lights and came together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet.

Earth Hour 2011 will take place on Saturday 26 March at 8.30PM (local time). This Earth Hour we want you to go beyond the hour, so after the lights go back on think about what else you can do to make a difference. Together our actions add up.

Why? The power bills won't go down dramatically with the lights dimmed for just one hour. (And don't worry, there won't be a power surge from people turning lights off and then back on all at once.) The goal of the World Wildlife Fund-sponsored event isn't to save energy on this one day -- it's to raise awareness of climate change and energy conservation all year round.

Earth Hour is only 60 minutes. It's a start, maybe a wake-up call for some when they see landmarks and cities go dark. What we do the rest of the day and the rest of the year is what counts in the long run. So use this hour in the dark to plan what you're really going to do to help the planet. There are lots of things that take less than one hour but add up to a lot of conservation. For example, you could start doing any of these things:

•Turn off lights when you leave a room for 15 minutes or longer.
•Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
•Put your computer in power-save mode.
•Turn off video game consoles when not in use.
•Seal air leaks, adjust your water heater, and control your thermostat to lower energy usage and waste.
•Go meatless on Mondays.
•Watch out for energy vampires around the house and unplug the biggies.
•Swap out all your light bulbs for CFLs.
•Stop catalogs and junk mail from piling up in your mailbox.
•Reduce the brightness of your TV set to the "home" mode.
•Use up leftovers, compost, and avoid wasting food.
•Find out how walkable your hometown is and try walking to your weekend errands.
•Fix a leaky faucet or toilet.
•Use the low-water and low-heat settings on your dishwasher, and don't pre-rinse dishes.
•Hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline in spring and summer.
•Take public transit to work or school.
•Install dimmer switches on your lights and plug appliances into smart power switches.

Earth Hour dimmed important landmarks all over the world :

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 Best Foods for Human Brain Health

Here’s a list of best foods for human brain health. Sometime we don’t care about our foods. We should remember that “We are what We eat”. Brain is the most important part of our body that need nutrition from our foods. So we have to consider to eat the best foods for brain health. Here are 10 of the best foods for human brain health

10. Whole Grains
Whole grains is working to increase blood flow to the brain. It is very supportive to the quality and quantity of brain function. These seeds contain lots of B6 vitamin, which is full of thiamine. Thiamine is great for anyone trying to improve memory. Scientific research has shown that memory loss has increased dramatically during the late 60′s or early 70′s. Eating whole grains is good while we grow old.
best food for human brain whole grains Top 10 Best Foods for Human
 Brain Health
Whole Grains

9. Eggs
As we get older, our brains begin to shrink because of something called brain atrophy. However, we can fight this natural process by routinely eat the eggs. This is because eggs contain a lot of vitamin B12 and lecithin. Vitamin B12 helpful against brain shrinkage, which is often seen in Alzheimer’s disease. Eggs is very helpful for brain health although very unhealthy if eaten too much because full of essential fatty acids. Egg yolk, although contain very high cholesterol, contain high choline, which is the building substance of the brain cells. Choline may help improve memory. Once again don’t take eggs to much in a day, just 1-2 eggs a day is enough.
best food for human brain eggs Top 10 Best Foods for Human Brain 

8. Oysters
If You like seafood, of course You like to eat it. Research has shown that the oyster is very beneficial for your brain. Oysters are rich in zinc and iron minerals, which is very helpful for keeping the mind sharp and improve the ability to recall information easily. Zinc and iron have been associated with the brain’s ability to stay focused and remember information. Lack of zinc and iron can lead to distortions of memory, poor concentration, and of course other diseases throughout the body.
best food for human brain oysters Top 10 Best Foods for Human 
Brain Health

7. Tea, especially green tea

Do You like to drink coffee in the morning? Try to replace it with a cup of tea! Just freshly brewed, green tea or black tea is very beneficial for the brain because it contains catechins. Do You ever had a day where you just feel tired, tired, and “too lazy” to think? Perhaps because less catechin in your brain. Catechin useful to keep the mind sharp, fresh, and work properly. It also allows for more relaxed and help to combat mental fatigue. Green tea is much stronger than black tea, both very good for you.
best food for human brain green tea Top 10 Best Foods for Human 
Brain Health
Green tea

6. Berries
Blueberry is very good in improving motoric skills and overall learning ability. Most berries, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc., are full of antioxidants that are good for improving brain health. You can help reverse the effects of aging on the brain by eating this fruit once a day. Berry, most contain fisetin and flavenoid, which is very good to improve memory, and allow you for easy recall of past events.
best food for human brain Berries Top 10 Best Foods for Human 
Brain Health

5. Curry
Curry is very useful to keep the brain fresh. As the main ingredient of curry powder, curcumin full of antioxidants that help fight brain aging and maintain cognitive function as you get older. Antioxidants are also struggling against free radical damage that can occur in the brain and body. Free radicals can cause inflammation and other diseases in the body. Curry is not only good for the brain, It also can fight diabetes and heart disease.
best food for human brain Curry Top 10 Best Foods for Human Brain 

4. Leafy Green Vegetables
Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spinach, etc., is very good for the brain of children and adults. This vegetable is very helpful when we need to recall old information and processes such as you just learned yesterday. This is because these foods are full of vitamins B6, B12, and folate, which is an important compound in the brain needed to break down homocysteine levels, which can lead to forgetfulness and even Alzheimer’s disease. These vegetables are often contains high iron. So the kids must be taught to eat green vegetables.
best food for human brain Leafy Green Vegetables Top 10 Best Foods
 for Human Brain Health
Leafy Green Vegetables

3. Nuts and Seeds
Looking for snacks that have good effects to the brain? It’s snacks from nuts and seeds. Like peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other types of nuts or seeds that you can think of is good for your brain. Nuts and seeds are full of Omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. All of these nutrients allows you to think more clearly. They also help you to think more positive, because the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids work as natural antidepressants. Some seeds and nuts are also full of thiamine and magnesium, which is good for memory and cognitive function of the brain.
best food for human brain nuts and seeds Top 10 Best Foods for 
Human Brain Health
Nuts and seeds

2. Fish
Fish in general is very beneficial for your health, especially for your brain. Fish is full of Omega-3, which is a fatty acid that is very beneficial to the body in various aspects. Eating one serving of fish a week can greatly reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. These fatty acids help brain function because they coat the neurons that sometimes has a layer of fatty acids which are stiff with a high content of cholesterol and saturated fats in the body. Omega-3 will cover the neurons with good fats, which allows them to move easily throughout the brain. Omega-3 also provides more oxygen to the brain, and allows to store new information while still remembering the old information. The best fish to eat for brain health is salmon, tuna, and herring. Eat more vitamins for your brain by eating tuna fish and choose from a variety of tuna recipes at
best food for human brain Fishs Top 10 Best Foods for Human Brain 

1. Chocolate
While You replace your coffee drink with hot chocolate drink each day, It’s not just delicious but also very nutritious for your brain. Scientists have proved that the antioxidant content found in cocoa powder is more powerful than the antioxidants found in other foods, such as green tea or red wine. The main antioxidants found in cocoa, known as flavonols, it is important to help increasing blood flow to the brain.
best food for human brain Chocolate Top 10 Best Foods for Human 
Brain Health 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sipadan Island – Borneo Underwater Paradise

beautiful pulau sipadan island sabah borneo travel tour holiday 
package picture photo

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia, rising 2,000 feet or 600m from the seabed. It is located in the Celebes Sea east of the major town of Tawau and off the coast of East Malaysia on the Island of Borneo.
It was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone that took thousands of years to develop. Sipadan is located at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, the centre of one of the richest marine habitats in the world. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this ecosystem.
Normally rare diving scenes are frequently seen in the waters around Sipadan: schools of greenback turtles and hawksbill turtles nesting and mating, schools of barracuda & big-eye trevally in tornado-like formations, pelagic species such as manta rays, eagle rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks and whale sharks.
A mysterious turtle tomb lies underneath the column of the island, formed by an underwater limestone cave with a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers that contain many skeletal remains of turtles that have become lost and drown before finding the surface. ( Source: Wikipedia. )
Since the beginning of 2005, Sipadan has been under Parks & Wildlife management and there’s no longer any accommodation or dive operators on the island. The number of divers allowed at Sipadan is limited to 120 per day and there have been some complaints that this isn’t transparently or fairly enforced. There’s an ATM-equipped branch of Maybank opposite the mosque.

beautiful pulau sipadan island sabah borneo travel tour holiday 
package picture photo water village
beautiful pulau sipadan island sabah borneo travel tour holiday 
package picture photo resort

Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Bad Habits that Destruct Brain,Love your Brain

human head and brain 10 Bad Habits that Destruct Brain,Love your 

It’s good if you re-examine the little habits that you think is simple but have  negative impact on your brain, those habits are:

1. Do Not Want Breakfast
Many people underestimate the breakfast. And do not consume anything in the morning and caused the decline in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which finally ended in the decline of the brain. The best breakfast in the morning is not a heavy foods such as special burger, but a glass of water and a glass of fresh fruit juice is enough. Compact and useful for the body!

2. Most Eat.
Too much to eat harden the blood verssel of the brain that usually leads to the decline of mental powers. So eat a normal portion. Familiarize yourself with how to help stop eating before you’re stuffed.

3. Smoking
If the cigarette has a lot of bad effects, everyone would already know. And there’s one more bad effects of cigarettes that were uncovered here. Smoking was very frightening effect on the brain! Imagine, the human brain can gradually shrink and eventually loses its functions as diligent suck it smoky. No doubt the old time when even young ones, we are prone to Alzheimer (Alzheimer is a dementia disease).

4. Consuming Too Much Sugar
Too much sugar intake will prevent the absorption of protein and nutrients that makes the body get malnutrition and disrupted brain development. Therefore, reduce the consumption of your favorite sweets.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is part of the body absorbs the most air. Too long in the environment by polluting the air makes the brain works inefficiently.

6. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep gives the brain a chance to rest. Often neglect to sleep makes the brain cells to die from exhaustion. But do not get too much sleep because it can make you become lazy and slow. Should sleep 6-8 hours a day for healthy and fit.

7. Covering one’s head during sleep
Sleeping with the head covered is a bad habit that is very dangerous because the carbon dioxide produced during sleep makes the brain concentrated with pollutant. Do not be surprised if over time the brain becomes damaged.

8. Thinking Too Hard When sick
Working hard or studying when the body condition is not fit also makes the ineffectiveness of the brain. Already know you are not healthy, you should rest and not impose your brain.

9. Lack of Brain Stimulation
Thinking is the best way to train the brain works. Less thought would make the brain shrink and ultimately does not work optimally. Diligent reading, listening to music and playing (chess, Scrabble, etc.) will make your brain used to think actively and creatively.

10. Rarely Talk
Intellectual conversations usually take a good effect on the brain. So do not be too proud to be quiet. Quality chat is very good for your health.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 7 Most Popular Cats in the World

Here’s a list of the most popular cats in the world. Cats are creatures of the most beautiful in the world. They are the most loved pets in the household and the environment. Cats have been associated with humans for at least 9500 years, and currently the most popular cat in the world. when you make the decision to have a pet, firstly you have to decide what kind you want. They’re funny, kind, and is considered safe around children. Actually, cats are the easiest pets to own. Cats are perfect companions. They do not need a lot of owners. They just need to eat regularly. They also need shelter. Here are the list of the most popular cats in the world.

7. Persian cat
Persian is a cat with long hair that is marked with a round face and short muzzle. Although the Persians had a high price and need maintenance treatments every day, this is more than offset by the personality, but her hair can be a nightmare to maintain, sometimes growing up to 3 inches long. Persians requires a comfortable environment to feel safe.
most popular cats in the world persian cat Top 7 Most Popular Cats
 in the World
Persian Cat

6. Siamese cat
Siamese is one of the first clearly recognized breeds of Oriental cat. Siamese breed standard of the Modern show an elegant, slim, stylish, flexible and muscular body, triangular-shaped heads, with a thin snout. Almond-shaped eyes and tilted. Short hair, shiny, soft, smooth, tight and adhered to the body. Siamese marked with a distinctive color scheme sharp. A Siamese cat always wants to be center of attention.
most popular cats in the world siamese cat 300x190 Top 7 Most 
Popular Cats in the World
Siamese Cat

5. The Maine Coon cat
The Maine Coon is noted for a large bone structure, with a square body shape and body the long hair flowing. Maine Coon is one of the biggest races in the country. for male cats average weight of their body weight 12-18 pounds in females are usually 10-14. They’re tough, gentle and loving with long hair but do not need much grooming as the Persian. kind of personality they will make them very safe with children. One will be a very faithful addition to the family.
most popular cats in the world the maine coon cat 300x244 Top 7 
Most Popular Cats in the World
The Maine Coon Cat

4. Abyssinian cat
The Abyssinian is a type of pet cats with ticked coats is typical. The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular shorthair cat breeds in the United States. medium-length coat, dense, and soft to the touch. The Abyssinian has a coat that is not unusual enough to attract attention. Each hair has a primary color with three or four dark-colored ribbon. Abyssinians are very active, busy and funny, and they love people.
most popular cats in the world abyssinian cat 232x300 Top 7 Most 
Popular Cats in the World
Abyssinian Cat

3. Ragdoll cat
The Ragdoll is one of the biggest race of cats with a solid body, frame and proportionately large feet. This cat breed with blue eyes and coat colorpoint different. This is a semi-cat artists big and muscular with hair that is soft and smooth. The name “Ragdoll” is derived from the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock limp and relax when picked up. They are very gentle, easy going and loving. They are perfect for any household. They were so tame that can be harmful to them is to go out of the house because they will not defend themselves if they attacked to another animal.
most popular cats in the world ragdoll cat Top 7 Most Popular Cats
 in the World
Ragdoll Cat

2. The Exotic Cat
The Exotic Shorthair has a gentle and calm personality reminiscent of the Persians, but more alive than the long-haired ancestors. They always want to know and love to play, the cat was friendly towards other cats and dogs. they rarely give voice “meows”. They do not like to be left alone, and needs the presence of the owner.
most popular cats in the world the exotic cat 300x241 Top 7 Most 
Popular Cats in the World
The Exotic Cat

1. Savannah Cat
Savannah cat is considered one of the larger races of domesticated cats. Savanna is generally compared with dogs in their loyalty, and they will follow their owners around the house like a dog. They also can be trained to walk on the rope, and even fetch. Savanna is reported as very social and friendly with new people and other cats and dogs, while others can run and hide or revert to hissing and growling when seeing a stranger. Savannah is very curious, and have been known to get into all sorts of things. They often learn how to open doors and cabinets, Savannah is a cat that is not afraid of water and more people will play or even immerse themselves in water. Some owners even take a bath with their cats Savannah.
most popular cats in the world savannah cat 300x228 Top 7 Most 
Popular Cats in the World
Savannah Cat

Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World

Swimming has many advantages. This sport is losing our stress, lowers our body temperature, makes us relax, and in a swimming pool, we can find loads of fun as well. Almost all hotels in the world has a best swimming pool facility and some of them is listed here.
This is top 10 most beautiful swimming pool in the world. They are not just beautifully photographed objects. They are real. You will find them if you really want to see or try them.

10. Kandalama Hotel – Dambulla, Sri Lanka
Kandalama hotel is located in 170 km from Colombo and the hotel has one of the finest swimming pool in the world. This is the picture.
Swimming pool 10 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the 
If you really like to spend a nigh in this hotel the rental fee is started from $112 only

09. Tuscany villas, Italy
Swimming pool 9 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Tuscany Villas could be a very great place for a summer holiday. The villas are completed with beautiful swimming pools and this picture is one of them.

08. Sheraton Waikiki – Hawaii
Swimming pool 8 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Sheraton Waikiki is situated around one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The hotel was featured with nice designed swimming pools and they built in on a perfect spots. This one is only sample

07. Rangali Island – Maldives
Swimming pool 7 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
If you see Rangali Island from above, you will see a blue heaven floating above the see. In this island, you will find a perfect swimming like this in front of your eye.

06. Phuket, Thailand
Swimming pool 6 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
In this area, the swimming pools were built on a perfect location. The ocean is blue, clean,clear and surrounded by green beautiful islands. Sitting on the edge of the swimming pool will be a perfect moment for every body.

05. Los Cabos, Mexico
Swimming pool 5 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Los Cabos resort owns one of the best swimming pool in the world. They were picking a right spot to start a business. Look at this picture, I bet you will love to have a chance to spend a night here with your love one

04. Dreams Resort – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Swimming pool 4 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Dreams resort built a swimming pool in a perfect location in front of clean and clear ocean.It is completed with sundecks so that you can enjoy the beautiful views of the area without any block

03. Allegra Hotel Pool - Turkey
Swimming pool 3 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Turkey is a country where one of the best swimming pool in the world is located. The exact location is Allegra Hotel. You can find the swimming pool in the photograph if you visit this hotel

02. Mes Amis Resort
Swimming pool 2 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
Mes Amis Resort is located in Bangkok and they located this swimming pool in one side of the resort. I am sure you will not difficult to find it once you booked room

01. Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino– Singapore
Swimming pool 1 Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World
This swimming pool is located on one of the top of Singapore Sky park. The swimming pool has 150-meter vanishing edge and it is situated 200 meters above the ground of beautiful Singapore city

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Here’s the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. As We know waterfalls is one of the most favorite tourist attraction because of their beauty. Waterfall become beautiful because of the art of the water falling from the high cliff. These most beautiful waterfalls are coming from various part of the world. Hope We can go to all those most beautiful waterfalls once at least in our life time.
9. Plitvice Falls
This waterfall located at The Lakes Plitvice. This is a national park in the highlands of the eponymous Plitvice, Croatia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sixteen separate lakes (12 lakes upper cluster and 4 lakes below cluster), which is formed naturally tiered heights ranging from 636 m to 503 m. Water that comes out of the lowest lake then forming the Korana river.
Plitvice Lakes which is situated on karstic rocks, mainly dolomite and limestone, which form the special features. The lake is naturally fragmented by travertine dams, which is a deposit of moss, algae and bacteria. Travertine dam formation is increased by about 1 cm per year. The lake is also famous for its color changes from blue sky, green, blue or gray. This color change depends on the amount of minerals or organisms in the water and the elevation of the sun.
Park has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. After Opertion Storm, UNESCO listed the park is in the status of ‘danger’ on the List of World Heritage in Danger. With a variety of considerations, the government of Croatia set the status of de-mining efforts. In December 1998 UNESCO issued the status of endangered site to this national park. Today, Plitvice Lakes is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Croatia. In 2000, the park has been expanded by over 102 km ².
most beautiful waterfalls in the world plitvice waterfalls Top 9 
Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Plitvice Falls

8. Ramona Falls
Ramona Falls is a waterfall  on the upper Sandy River on the west side of Mount Hood, Oregon, United States. It is in scenic wilderness along the Pacific Crest Trail at elevation 3,576 feet (1,090 m). The falls are about 120 feet (37 m) tall overall consisting of a wall of cascades.
most beautiful waterfalls in the world Ramona Falls waterfalls Top
 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Ramona Falls

7. Iguazu Falls
Iguazu is waterfall of the Iguazu River located on the border of Brazil, Paraquay and Argentina. The name Iguazu comes from the Guarani (y = water and ûasú = large). The legend of this waterfall is that a god planned to marry a native girl named Naipí, but she fled with his boyfriend Tarobá in the boat. In the anger of the god sliced the river to form a waterfall, to punish that two human fell there eternally. The first European to find this waterfall is the Conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca from Spain in 1541.
Iguazu falls are a combination of 275 waterfalls along the 2.7 km of the Iguazu River. Some of them fell from a height of 82 meters, mostly around 64 meters. Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), a U-shaped 82-meter height, width of 150 meters long and 700 meters is the most impressive one.
The waterfall can be reached from two major cities, each of which lies in both sides of this waterfall: through Foz Iguacu Parana state of Brazil and from the province of Misiones Puerto Iguazu in Argentina as well as from Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). This waterfall is set by both countries as national park. Iguazu National Park of Argentina and Iguaçu National Park of Brazil. Also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 and 1986.
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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Iguazu Falls

6. Detian Falls
Detian waterfalls or Ban Gioc Falls, known in Vietnam as thác Ban Gi is a series of waterfalls in Quy Xuan River in China-Vietnam border, which lies at the Karst hills of Daxing County in Chongzuo city of Guangxi province in China, and in Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang province in the side of Vietnam, 272 km north of Hanoi.
Waterfall falling from a height of thirty meters. Scattered among the rocks and trees, water falls and the sound like thunder from the far distance.
Until now remains controversy regarding the border demarcation at this location as determined in 1999 VietNam-China Treaty on Land Borderline, originated from the unclear definition and placement of signs on the border in a legal document between France and the Qing government. One faction believes that this overall waterfall of Vietnam, that the boundary marker stones have been moved after the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979.
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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Detian Falls

5. Victoria Falls
Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders) is the name used by locals. The name of Victoria Falls is the name given by the Scottish explorer, Dr.David Livingstone in 1855. Victoria Falls is located in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
This waterfall is part of two national parks, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia and Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This waterfall is a major attraction in South Africa.
While it is neither the highest  nor the widest waterfall in the world, it is claimed to be the largest. This claim is based on a width of 1,708 metres (5,604 ft) and height of 108 meters (360 ft), forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world. The falls’ maximum flow rate compares well with that of other major waterfalls.
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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Victoria Falls

4. Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls is the second waterfall in the canyon. And It can be accessed from a trail on the right side (left side when heading upstream) of the main trail. The side trail leads across a small plateau and drops into the main pool. Havasupai is arguably the most famous and most visited of all the falls, and is considered one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world. The falls consist of one main chute that drops over a 120-foot (37 m) vertical cliff (due to the high mineral content of the water, the falls are ever-changing and sometimes break into two separate chutes of water) into a large pool.
The falls are known for their natural pools, created by mineralization, although most of these pools were damaged and/or destroyed in the early 1990s by large floods that washed through the area. A small man-made dam was constructed to help restore the pools and to preserve what is left. There are many picnic tables on the opposite side of the creek and it is very easy to cross over by following the edges of the pools. It is possible to swim behind the falls and enter a small rock shelter behind it.
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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Havasu Falls

3. El Nicho Falls
El Nicho Falls is located in Grupo Guamuhaya part of Sierra de Trinidad mountainous is the second highest point in Cuba Pico San Juan 1108 m about 46 km from Cienfuegos. At mountains of the El Nicho you can hike through the caves, water fall bathing and track the mountain’s exotic flora and fauna. Those interested in another kind of wildlife can go bird-watching in a protected sanctuary. The Tocororo lives in this mountain region, Cuban national bird, with beautiful, showy colors.
most beautiful waterfalls in the world El Nicho Falls Cuba 
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El Nicho Falls

2. Angel Falls
Salto Angel Waterfall or Angel Falls is the highest free falling waterfall in the world with a height of 979 meters (3212 feet) with no barriers fall around 807 meters (2647 feet). This waterfall is located in the Rio Caroni, Canaima, Venezuela.
Although first seen in the early 20th century by the explorer Ernesto de Santa Cruz, the waterfall was not known officially to the world until discovered by American aviator James Crawford Angel that was flying to find the location of a gold mine. In 1936, James Angel returned and landed his plane near a waterfall. The waterfall was named “Angel Falls” to the memory of its discoverer, James Crawford Angel. Pemon Indian tribes called this waterfall as “Auyan-tepui” (“Aiyan-tepui”) which means “Mountain of Evil”. Its official elevation is determined by the National Geographic Society in 1949. This waterfall is the most famous tourist attractions in Venezuela.
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 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Angel Falls

1. Niagara Falls
Niagara is a large waterfall on the Niagara River at the international border line between the US state of New York with the Canadian province of Ontario. This waterfall is about 17 miles (27 km) north northwest of Buffalo, New York and 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Toronto, Ontario.
Niagara is a group of three waterfalls. Those waterfalls are Horseshoe waterfall (sometimes referred to as Canada’s waterfall), America waterfall, and the smaller Bridal Veil waterfall separated by Luna Island from the main waterfall.
Although not too high, the Niagara waterfalls are very wide and most popular in the world. More than 6 million cubic feet (168,000 m3) of water per minute was dropped and this is the most powerful waterfall in North America.Niagara Falls is famous for its beauty and valuable as the use of hydro resources, a form of managing the balance between recreational, commercial, and industrial.
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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World
Niagara Falls