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Details of Barrack Obama’s Presidential Car

Barack Obama presidential cars that become observers of the automotive world on hold is the Cadillac One, the product of General Motors (GM) Cadillac specially designed to protect the United States number one person in his official daily activities.
Limousine commonly called The Beast has a special specification like war tanks to protect life of Obama. Although the U.S. Secret Service did not initially launch Cadillac One detail to the public for security reasons, but eventually opened to the public as well. What kind of advantages?

Armed with the framework of medium-sized trucks and reinforced with Kevlar and 5-inch-thick metal on the stand under the car that resistant from bombs and grenades.
The combination of exterior Cadillac STS and DTS. Made of hardened steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic-coated to resist attack metal-penetrating bullets.
Armored bulletproof 8 inch thick and weighs the same as the door of a Boeing 757. The driver’s door-penetrating bulletproof metal (armor-piercing bullets) and can only be opened a maximum 3-inch-wide for security reasons, and facilitate the driver to pay a toll ticket or speak with the presidential guard beside them.
Specially trained by the CIA in dealing with any critical security situation.
Driver’s Compartment
Standards, but the dashboard features GPS tracking and communications centers.
Rear Compartment
Capacity of 4 people with bulletproof glass partition. Only Obama had the opening switch. Larger window size than the previous presidential car. Have a “Panic Button” if there are security issues.
Information Technology
Computers equipped with Wi-Fi access, satellite phones which have a direct connection to the Vice President and the Pentagon.
Petrol tank
Equipped with a barrier layer of impact and a special foam to prevent explosion of the tank, although a direct hit and fire.
Reinforced with Kevlar, tear resistance and rupture, with steel reinforcement. Allow cars to run in full speed, in any tire conditions.
Hold Oxygen supply and Firefighting system.
Defense equipment
Equipped with a shotgun, night-vision, and tear gas cannons. There was a tube containing the blood of the President, if needed emergency blood transfusion.
Flag of the United States and the Presidency is on the front fender with LED feature to highlight the flag at night.
Engines & Fuel Consumption
6500cc diesel engine. The maximum speed of 60 miles per hour (96 km / h).
Fuel consumption is about 8 miles per gallon.

obamas car Details of Barrack Obamas Presidential Car
Barrack Obama's cadillac

cadillac one specifications Details of Barrack Obamas Presidential
Obama's cadillac one specifications

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Here’s a list of most expensive cities in the world. These expensive cities become that expensive for various reason. From the raise of currency value to the scarcity of the human need that provided by those cities. If you live in these cities, maybe you can consider moving to other cheaper cities. But if you have no choice or maybe get an order of relocation to these cities from your boss, then you have to be prepared to know how to live cheaper in these most expensive cities in the world.

10. Singapore
Singapore is a town country which only has a total area of 700 square kilometers. It is ranked the tenth most expensive city in world. The town is small but has a different lifestyle.
  • The average one-bedroom rental ranging SIN $ 600 per month or more in the suburban area.
  • The cost of electricity, water and internet SIN $ 300 per month or more for single family
  • Including the very high car prices, the average vehicle tax from SIN $ 1,000 or more annually. And the average cost of parking ranges from SIN $ 150 per month.
  • For meals, Singapore may be said quite friendly range average SIN $ 5 or more to eat and drink.
most expensive cities in the world Singapore Top 10 Most Expensive
 Cities in the World

9. Beijing, China
Beijing is the capital of China. One of the densely populated cities in Asia that giving convenience of investing so attract many foreign investors to come and invest to China.
  • Average rent of an apartment in the downtown ranges from RMB7000 (including electricity and water / utility costs)
  • Dining in Beijing is over RMB20 range for one meal
  • Daily international newspaper-ranging RMB25, a glass of coffee (medium restaurants) ranged RMB 35, a packet of food (burgers, potatoes and soda water) or more approximately RMB18

most expensive cities in the world Beijing Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

8. New York, USA
New York, the United States is the most expensive city compared to all other US cities. This city that never sleeps has the nickname of The Big Apples. It is the destination of people from various parts of the world.
  • Average rent for apartment with two good bedrooms starting around US $ 4000 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 250 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged up monthly cost $ 1000.
  • International paper per issue of US $ 1.8, glass coffee from US $ 3, and packets of food (burger + potato + sodas) for US $ 5.
most expensive cities in the world New York Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World
New York

7. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is a unique and distinctive city in Denmark. It is a place of typical Danish products sales. Quality of life in this city is one of the best in the world.
  • Average-cost of home rental in the suburbs of Copenhagen ranged from US $ 2.500 per month.
  • Meals is expensive, especially when eating in restaurants the standard per person with two meals plus drinks range from US $ 80 or more. If you do not eat out for meal, It will cost around U.S. $ 200 upwards for two adults per week.
  • Monthly costs for electricity, telephone and internet range from a minimum of US $ 200 or more per month.
  • Cost transport such as taxis quite expensive, short trips use a taxi will cost about US $ 50.
most expensive cities in the world Copenhagen Top 10 Most 
Expensive Cities in the World

6. Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich is one of the city in Switzerland. This city that has alpine mountains is a beautiful city for tourism. Lower taxes lead to many investors who invest in stocks.
  • The cost of apartment rental outside the city without an elevator is starting from US $ 1500 per month.
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 200 per family, standard family meals (4 persons) ranged from USD800 per month or more
  • Monthly train pass is US $ 90, oil is very expensive. It costs about US $ 1.6 per litre.
  • Dining out in the restaurant for two people range from standard to US $ 300, three menus plus wine.
most expensive cities in the world Zurich Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

5. Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong is has an area of 1100 km2 and is inhabited by around 6.88 million. The town is densely populated that cause expensive housing.
  • Rental cost in HK is expensive, with average of about US $ 1,500 per month.
  • Utilities fees ranging from US $ 100-150 per family.
  • Some economic cost that can be found in Hong Kong is value meal from McDonald HK $ 22.80, chocolate Snickers from the mini-24h supermarket 7-11 HK $ 6.00, a set of food from a place selling ordinary food (rice + dishes + drink) HK $ 50, average beer at the local pub around HK $ 20, CENTRAL to Causeway Bay with octopus card HK $ 4.40, to cross from the pier Central to Tsim Sha Tsui using Star Ferry cost HK $ 1.70.
most expensive cities in the world Hong Kong Top 10 Most Expensive
 Cities in the World
Hong Kong

4. Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva is the second-most-populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and is the most populous city of Romandie (the French-speaking part of Switzerland). Situated where the Rhône River exits Lake Geneva (in French also known as Lac Léman), it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Geneva is a global city, a financial centre, and a worldwide centre for diplomacy and the most important international co-operation centre with New York because of the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is also the place where the Geneva Conventions were signed, which chiefly concern the treatment of wartime non-combatants and prisoners of war.
  • Average rent for apartment with three bedrooms starting around US $ 3000
  • The three family meal cost around US $ 1200 per month
  • Health-insurance costs must be quite expensive to US $ 800.
  • Cost for children who want to go to college based on the estimated cost of the department of local: accommodation around US $ 400 up to 650 (per room in a hostel or rental individually per flat), food monthly cost of about US $ 450, transport by tram or bus around US $ 100-170, books and support materials for learning about US $ 100, other costs of US $ 400 other. So the cost for his/her monthly needs about USD $ 1500 to 1800.

most expensive cities in the world Geneva Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

3. Moscow, Russia
Moscow is the capital of Russia. Ranked third most expensive city in the world. This “Red Bear” city is a 25% contributor to the Russian domestic oil. Sport areas, recreation and clothing is expensive in this city.
  • Average rent for apartment, not yet furnished with two luxurious bedrooms, is starting around US $ 4500
  • Utilities fees range from US $ 250 per family, standard family meals (3 persons) cost ranges from US $ 500 upwards monthly
  • International paper per issue of US $ 5.5, glass coffee from US $ 9 ( most expensive cup of coffee compare to other countries), and package food burger + potato + sodas US $ 5.
  • Dining-out costs would swell the normal monthly family expenditure to 2-3 times.

most expensive cities in the world Moscow Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

2. Osaka, Japan
Osaka is in the same Island with Tokyo in Japan. Osaka is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo. Many tourist sites located in this town. Transportation and home furnishings tools are expensive in this city.
Cost of living in Osaka is number two in the world near to Tokyo because the area has many large companies head office, such as Mitshubishi, Mizuno, Panasonic, Sanyo and Sharp. Salary  is very high so it cause increasing land price and also the cost of living. Cost of living in Osaka compare to Tokyo is quite the same expensive.
most expensive cities in the world Osaka Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

1. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is the costliest city in the world. The City has an area of 2187 km square and there are more than 13 Millions people on it. It’s the most populated city in the world. The city often hit by earthquakes so it’s not allowed to build a skyscraper. The cost of living in Tokyo that is also the capital of Japan is very expensive.
  • Average rent for apartment not yet furnished with two luxurious bedrooms starting around US $ 4.500
  • International paper per issue of US $ 1, a glass coffee from US $ 5, and package food of burger + potato + sodas for US $ 5.
  • The cost of eating out, in expensive restaurants meals ranging from ¥ 13,000 / $ 108 / £ 55 without drinks, while the restaurant of medium range ¥ 4000 to 9000 yen ($ 33 – $ 75 / £ 17 – £ 38), and a cheap average of 4000 yen ($ 33 / £ 17 to less than 2000 yen ($ 17 / £ 8.40).
most expensive cities in the world Tokyo Top 10 Most Expensive 
Cities in the World

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Hollywood Facts

fact image

Are you aware of the interesting facts about Hollywood, the world renowned name in the motion picture industry? This district of Los Angeles has the well-known Hollywood sign. In reality, this sign was built in 1923 by one of the real estate agents and an investor, Harry Chandler, with a motive of advertisement. He spent around $21, 000 for this and wanted it to stay for 18 months. But at that stage he was not aware that this construction would become a legend in itself. Today, the famous Hollywood sign is more than 80 years old. Initially, the sign used to read "Hollywood Land". But in 1949, "Land" was removed and only "Hollywood" remained. Today, the sign is taken care of by "Hollywood Sign Trust" which was formed in the year of 1995. On September 18, 1932, Lillian Millicent "Peg" Entwistle after unsuccessful Hollywood carrier, jumped from the letter 'H' into her death. She was only 24 years old.

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Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World

Bridge sometime is a parameter of development of a country. Sometime bridge also can be use as a symbol of art. Here’s 10 most amazing bridge around the world.

10. Ponte Vecchio (Italy): Oldest and Most Famous of its kind
The Ponte Vecchio in Florence is one of the most famous tourist spots in Italy, and is thought to be the oldest wholly-stone built, segmental arch bridge in Europe, although there are many partial segments which date further back. It was originally built of wood until destroyed by floods in 1333, and twelve years later it was rebuilt using stone. Famous for its lining of shops, the bridge has housed everybody from Medieval merchants and butchers to souvenir stalls and art dealers.
most amazing bridge 10th Ponte Vecchio Italy Oldest and Most 
Famous of its kind Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Ponte Vecchio (Italy): Oldest and Most Famous of its kind

9. Magdeburg Water Bridge (Germany): Europe’s Largest Water Bridge
The Magdeburg Water Bridge connects the former East and West Germany over the Elbe River, and it was made as part of the unification project. 1 km long, the 500 million euros water bridge enables river barges to avoid a lengthy and sometimes unreliable passage along the Elbe.
most amazing bridge 9th Magdeburg Water Bridge Germany Europes 
Largest Water Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Magdeburg Water Bridge (Germany): Europe's Largest Water Bridge

8. Tower Bridge (UK): Most Famous and Beautiful Victorian Bridge
Completed in 1894 and designed by Horace Jones and Wolfe Barry, Tower Bridge (so named after the two, striking, 141-ft high towers and the Tower of London close to it) is one of the most famous landmarks in London and one of the most beautiful in the world. The 800-ft long bridge has a 28-ft clearance when closed but raises in the centre to a maximum clearance of 140-ft that allows ships to pass down the Thames. Back in the days when goods were moved by sea instead of air the bridge was raised around 50 times daily. Tower Bridge took 432 workers 8 years to build. During that time they sank 70,000 tonnes of concrete into 2 huge piers, lowered 2 counterbalanced bascules into place each weighing 1,000 tonnes and then clad the whole bridge in Portland stone and Cornish granite to disguise the 11,000 tonnes of steel beneath.
most amazing bridge 8th Tower Bridge UK Most Famous and Beautiful 
Victorian Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Tower Bridge (UK): Most Famous and Beautiful Victorian Bridge

7. Wind and Rain Bridge (China): Dong people’s bridge
The Wind and Rain Bridge is the symbolized architecture of the Dong minority people. The wind and rain bridge in Diping is the largest of its kind in Guizhou Province, where China’s biggest Dong community lives. The bridge is over 50 meters long and it was first built in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty over 100 years ago. However, the original structure was destroyed in a big fire in 1959 and the one visitors see today was a recreation finished in 1964.
most amazing bridge 7th Wind and Rain Bridge China Dong peoples 
bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Wind and Rain Bridge (China): Dong peoples bridge

6. Oliveira Bridge (Brazil): World’s First X-shaped Cable Stayed Bridge with two crossed lanes
The Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge over the Pinheiros River in São Paulo, Brazil was opened in May 2008. It is 138 metres (450-ft) tall, and connects Marginal Pinheiros to Jornalista Roberto Marinho Avenue. Its design is unique in that the 2 curved decks of the bridge cross each other through its X-shaped supporting tower.
most amazing bridge 6th Oliveira Bridge Brazil Worlds First X 
shaped Cable Stayed Bridge with two crossed lanes Top 10 Most Amazing 
Bridges in The World
Oliveira Bridge (Brazil): World's First X shaped Cable Stayed Bridge with two crossed lanes

5. Rolling Bridge (UK): The Bridge that Curls Up on Itself
Designed by Heatherwick Studio, the award-winning Rolling Bridge is located Paddington Basin, London. Rather than a conventional opening bridge mechanism, consisting of a single rigid element that lifts to let boats pass, the Rolling Bridge gets out of the way by curling up until its two ends touch. While in its horizontal position, the bridge is a normal, inconspicuous steel and timber footbridge; fully open, it forms a circle on one bank of the water that bears little resemblance to its former self.
Twelve metres long, the bridge is made in eight steel and timber sections, and is made to curl by hydraulic rams set into the handrail between each section.
most amazing bridge 5th Rolling Bridge UK The Bridge that Curls Up
 on Itself Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Rolling Bridge (UK) : The Bridge that Curls Up on Itself

4. Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China): World’s Longest Trans-Oceanic Bridge
Across the Hangzhou Bay extends the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world, with 35,673 kilometres (22 mi) long with six expressway lanes in two directions. The bridge was built to address traffic congestion in the booming region, cutting the driving time between Shanghai and Ningbo from four to two-and-a-half hours.finally opened to the public on May 1, 2008. Total investment on the bridge was RMB 11.8 billion (around US$ 1.4 billion.)
most amazing bridge 4th Hangzhou Bay Bridge China Worlds Longest 
Trans Oceanic Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China) : World's Longest Trans-Oceanic Bridge

3. Henderson Waves (Singapore): Most Beautiful Pedestrian Bridge
At a height of 36 metres or 12 storeys from the road, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. The 300-metre bridge links up the parks at Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill.
most amazing bridge 3rd Henderson Waves Singapore Most Beautiful 
Pedestrian Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Henderson Waves (Singapore) : Most Beautiful Pedestrian Bridge

2. Millau Bridge (France): World’s Tallest Vehicular Bridge
Towering 1,125-ft above the Tarn Valley in southern France, driving along the Millau Bridge is said to feel like flying. This Foster + Partners marvel is slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower, took three years to build and opened to the public in 2004. While it may provide picturesque views of the valley below, once the mist descends it is not a route for the faint hearted! The Millau Bridge has a total length of 8,071-ft with the longest single span at 1,122-ft and a maximum clearance below of 886-ft; in short the bridge is massively impressive both on paper and in real life. The deck is lofted on 7 pylons and weighs 36,000 tonnes. A series of 7 masts, each 292-ft tall and weighing 700 tonnes, are attached to the corresponding pylons.
most amazing bridge 2nd Millau Bridge France Worlds Tallest 
Vehicular Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Millau Bridge (France): World's Tallest Vehicular Bridge

1. Banpo Bridge (South Korea): The Fountain Bridge
On September 9, 2008, the Banpo Bridge in Seoul (South Korea) got a major facelift: a 10,000-nozzle fountain that runs all the way on both sides. Immediately after being installed, the bridge turned into a major tourist attraction, as the bridge pumps out 190 tons of water per minute using the water from the river below.
most amazing bridge 1st Banpo Bridge South Korea The Fountain 
Bridge Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World
Banpo Bridge (South Korea): The Fountain Bridge

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Top 7 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Airport is one of the most important infrstructure for an area. Without airport people will be hardly come to a place or area. Because of its importance, some area build airport in very dangerous condition. Here’s the list of the airport that built in very dangerous condition.

7. Lukla Airport (Nepal)
A huge mountain on one end, a thousand meter drop on the other. And it’s at 2900 meters elevation, so you don’t exactly have full power.
Lukla Airport is a small airport in the Town of Lukla in eastern Nepal. In January 2008, the government of Nepal announced that the airport would be renamed in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, who passed away on January 11, 2008. The airport is quite popular as Lukla is the place where most people start their trek to climb Mount Everest.
most dangerous airport in the world Lukla Airport Nepal Top 7 Most
 Dangerous Airports in the World
Lukla Airport (Nepal)

6. Madeira Airport (Madeira)
Madeira Airport also known as Funchal Airport and Santa Catarina Airport, is an international airport located near Funchal, Madeira. The airport controls national and international air traffic of the island of Madeira.
The airport was once infamous for its short runway which, surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots. The original runway was only 1,400 metres in length, but was extended by 400 metres after the TAP Air Portugal Flight 425 incident of 1977 and subsequently rebuilt in 2003, almost doubling the size of the runway, building it out over the ocean. Instead of using landfill, the extension was built on a series of 180 columns, each being about 70m tall.
For the enlargement of the new runway the Funchal Airport has won the Outstanding Structures Award, given by International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). The Outstanding Structures Award is considered to be the “Oscar” for engineering structures in Portugal.
most dangerous airport in the world Madeira Airport Madeira Top 7 
Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Madeira Airport (Madeira)

5. Barra International Airport (Barra)
Barra Airport is the only airport in the world where planes land on the beach. BRR is situated in on the wide beach of Traigh Mhor, on Barra island, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. If you want to fly here commercially you will want to book with British Airways, which flies to Barra from Glasgow and Benbecula.
The airport is literally washed away by the tide once a day, and if you arrive on a late afternoon flight, you may notice a couple of cars in the parking lot with their lights on, which provides pilots some added visibility, since the airport is naturally lit. Needless to say you probably don’t want to hang out at Barra Airport beach, unless you are a aviation junkie, in which case Barra Airport has a fool proof system, as sign that reads: “Keep off the beach. When the windsock is flying and the airport is active.”
most dangerous airport in the world Barra International Airport 
Barra Top 7 Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Barra International Airport (Barra)

4. Gustaf III Airport (St. Bart)
Gustaf III Airport also known as Saint Barthélemy Airport is a public use airport located in the village of St. Jean on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. Both the airport and the island’s main town of Gustavia are named for King Gustav III of Sweden, under whom Sweden obtained the island from France in 1785 (it was sold back to France in 1878). The airport is served by small regional commercial aircraft and charters. Most visiting aircraft carry fewer than twenty passengers, such as the Twin Otter, a common sight around Saint Barth and throughout the northern West Indies. The short airstrip is at the base of a gentle slope ending directly on the beach. The arrival descent is extremely steep over the hilltop traffic circle and departing planes fly right over the heads of sunbathers (although small signs advise sunbathers not to lie directly at the end of the runway).
most dangerous airports Gustaf III Airport St Bart Top 7 Most 
Dangerous Airports in the World
Gustaf III Airport (St Bart)

3. Courchevel (France)
Courchevel is the name of a ski area located in the French Alps, the largest linked ski area in the world. It’s airport has a certain degree of infamy in the aviation industry as home to a relatively short runway, with a length of 525 m (1,722 ft) and a gradient of 18.5%. It’s so short that you have to land on an inclined strip to slow down and take off on a decline to pick up enough speed.
Who gets to land here? Well, Pierce Brosnan made the short list. This was the airport used in the opening seen of Tomorrow Never Dies. For the rest of us, private plane, helicopter, or charter are the only ways to go, and your pilot is going to need some serious training before he or she is allowed to land at CVF.
most dangerous airports Courchevel France Top 7 Most Dangerous 
Airports in the World
Courchevel (France)

2. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba)
Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is the only airport on the Caribbean island of Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles. It is well known among experienced fliers for the way in which airplanes must approach or take off from the airport.
Yrausquin Airport covers a relatively large portion of the small island of Saba. Some aviation experts are of the general opinion that the airport is one of the most dangerous in the world, despite the fact that no major tragedies have happened at the facility. The airport’s sole runway is marked with an X at each end, to indicate to commercial pilots that the airport is closed for commercial aviation.
The danger arises from the airport’s physical position. It is flanked on one side by high hills, and on the other side and at both ends of the runway by cliffs dropping into the sea. This creates the possibility that an airplane might overshoot the runway during landing or takeoff and end up in the sea or on the cliffs.
most dangerous airports Juancho E Yrausquin Airport Saba Top 7 
Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Juancho E Yrausquin Airport (Saba)

1. Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint Martin)
Princess Juliana International Airport serves Saint Maarten, the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin. It is the second busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean. The airport is famous for its short landing strip — only 2,180 metres/7,152 ft, which is barely enough for heavy jets. Because of this, the planes approach the island flying extremely low, right over Maho Beach. Countless photos of large jets flying at 10–20 m/30-60 ft over relaxing tourists at the beach have been dismissed as fakes many times, but are nevertheless real. For this reason as well it has become a favourite for planespotters. Despite the difficulties in approach, there has been no records of major aviation incidents at the airport.
most dangerous airports Princess Juliana International Airport 
Saint Martin Top 7 Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint Martin)
most dangerous airports Princess Juliana International Airport 
Saint Martin 2 Top 7 Most Dangerous Airports in the World
Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint Martin)

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The World’s Top 5 Tallest Buildings

1. Burj Khalifa – 2010 – United Arab Emirate Dubai
Burj Khalif is the world’s highest building without any competition. More than just the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is an unprecedented example of international cooperation, symbolic beacon of progress, and an emblem of the new, dynamic and prosperous Middle East. The construction began in 2004 and finished in 2010. At 828 metres (2,716 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds many other records such as, tallest free-standing structure in the world and elevator with the longest travel distance in the world. I wasn’t able to find the exact cost of the tower, but according to several resources, 1.5 billion U.S dollars paid to construct this breathtaking living wonder. “Burj Khalifa is the Arab world’s tribute to the art and science of modern engineering and design. Burj Khalifa symbolizes the aesthetic unison of many cultures – from Arabia and the rest of the world.” – Mohamed Alabbar.

View From The Top Of the Tower

2. Taipei 101 – 2004 – Taipei Taiwan

In 2004, architecture engineers designed an inspiring tower that had 66 floors. But when construction began, they decided to increase its high and floors to 101. This step was taken to bring the world’s attention to a growing financial district. The name of the tower reflects its floor count and carries symbolic meanings alluding to technology and Asian tradition. At 508m, no words can describe the view. Its just a wonder on earth. The multi-use structure houses retail facilities on Levels 1-4; a fitness center on Levels 5-6; offices on Levels 7-84; restaurants on Levels 86-88; observation decks on Levels 89, 91, and 101; and communication facilities on Levels 92-100. Cost around 1.76 billion U.S dollars.

3. Shanghai World Financial Center – 2008

With 101 floors above ground level and soaring to a height of 492m, this project embodies Mori Building’s original “Vertical Garden City” concept and incorporates the company’s vast know-how and experience. Offering office space with cutting-edge specifications and all the functions expected of a world-class international financial center, Shanghai World Financial Center is a hub of culture and information, and boasts state-of-the-art security, standard-setting hospitality and superb urban facilities including world’s highest observatory, sophisticated retail space and elegant conference facilities and a five-star luxury hotel. Cost 1.20 billion U.S dollars and comprises of 101 floors.

4. International Commerce Center – 2010- Hong Kong HK China

Elegant, modern and mind blowing skyscraper, shining downtown Hong Kong China. The construction began in 2002 and completed this year 2010. The International Commerce Center is a unique development featuring a cutting-edge commercial space luxury residential development, modern retail and two 6-star hotels in a single location. This is not just a business address, but a destination – offering to Hong Kong a single location in which to live, work and play, within reach of locals and visitors alike by virtue of being located on major rail lines. The observation deck in International Commerce Centre (ICC) will open in the fourth quarter of 2010. The deck will be on the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building, giving visitors a 360-degree view of the enthralling cityscape. The deck will cost over HK$100 million. The observation deck operator is calling on creative minds around the world to enter an ICC Observation Deck naming contest and come up with a name that reflects the significance of this landmark project. The ICC Tower comprises 118 floors, and reaches 484 m (1,588 ft) in high.

5. Petronas Towers – Malaysia

The structure is high-strength concrete, a material familiar to Asian contractors and twice as effective as steel in sway reduction. n both engineering and design, the Petronas Towers succeed at acknowledging Malaysia’s past and future, embracing the country’s heritage while proclaiming its modernization. The end result, says Pelli, is a monument that is not specifically Malaysian, but will forever be identified with Kuala Lumpur. Each tower has 88 floors and costs 1.6 billion U.S dollars. The towers reach 451.9 m in the air, and give an extraordinary view.

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