Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ørestad College, The Most Luxurious School in the World from Denmark

The Orestad College is the latest upper secondary school in Copenhagen built in the industrial area of the city. So today in Denmark has a remarkable growth of the 16-19 year group, so the country need more study places. This bring the decision to build this superb college in Orestad City which is the new city center for the entire Ørestad.

Orestad College offers science, social science and human science. The purpose of the college is to prepare the students better for university and to enhance the science aspect. This college has chosen a profile of media, communication and culture, and with wireless internet all over the school and with laptops for all students – hence the knick-name the Virtual College.

The university was constructed without terms for rooms, and left much to the architects’ interpretation. The proposal was therefore not so much a response to a specifically defined task as an element in the necessary development of the idea of a Danish college.

Inside the college there’re four boomerang shaped storey decks rotate in relation to each other like the shutter of a camera. They form the superstructure; the overall framework of the college, and provide space for the college’s four study zones. Each zone is on one level, providing organizational flexibility, with the option of micro adjustment to create different spaces, learning environments and group sizes. The rotation of the story decks projects a part of each deck into the high central hall. This part is the so called X-zone; a spatial expression of the colleges’ ambition to promote interdisciplinary expertise between study zones with physical and visual links.

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